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In deliciousness on December 26, 2011 at 09:00

on christmas day, i invited my parents and my sister over for what would be my very first turkey dinner. my husband was at work all day, so it was up to me to cook the turkey. my parents for the last 28 years of my life, have cooked turkey dinner on christmas. so, this was going to be a challenge. how do you compete with their cooking? i wanted to do something a wee bit different, so i turned to good ol’ jamie oliver. my favorite cook ever. he makes cooking look simple. and enjoyable.

the turkey i had weighed almost 12lbs. so after defrosting it in the fridge, for about 24 hrs, i realized it was still rock solid, so i put it in the basement (our basement is below street level) and 24 hrs before time to cook it, it was completely defrosted. huzzah!

what i didn’t realize though was once i took out the plastic turkey wrapping, i had to wash the bird. wash the bird? why? is it dirty? regardless, i washed the bird. and then i found out that there was nasty bits inside the turkey (giblets? neck? gross – why would someone think its a good idea to put it back inside the bird? – you took it out for a reason, ha). i had to get my dad to remove it i was a little grossed out. normally things like that don’t gross me out, but it almost put me off eating the bird. my dad came to the rescue though.

honestly what made this bird so delicious i think was the fact that i put a thick layer of butter between the skin and the meat.

for the most part, i followed this recipe, the only part i didn’t follow was the stuffing where i didn’t add the pork… nor did i add the nutmeg. or sage.

so after stuffing the bird, sealing the bird with bacon and rosemary, i closed off the birds innards with an orange. my sister and i decided that it would be wise to poke many holes in the orange as we had this vision of the orange exploding due to the high heat inside the oven. can an orange explode in the oven?

while all this was going on i pre-heated the oven of course to 350 degrees. once the bird was ready to go in, i set the timer. however, i put the wrong time on so i had to hit cancel and redo the timer (3hrs).  so in went the turkey — 1hr later, no turkey smell. odd? my mom goes ” hey how come your oven doesn’t emit heat? yours is so good ours gets so hot we can barely touch it “. so i went over to the oven and low and behold it was off… oh geez – i guess when i hit cancel for the timer, i had also cancelled the pre-heat. oops! luckily my mom noticed or we’d have no bird for dinner!

turkey was 1 hr late. no big deal. it was still delicious!!!!

last year i discovered mulled wine at a friends xmas. i wasn’t sure what went in it, so of course i google mulled wine + jamie oliver and found this amazing recipe. is there anything jamie doesn’t do? however – i added my own secret ingredient. cointreau. gave it a little kick !



In deliciousness on November 4, 2011 at 17:48

where did broccolini come from? i swear it just popped up this summer as a new food in the grocery store. i found myself asking this when i bought some today while i was at nestors buying some chicken for dinner. so i googled it when i got home – seriously what did we do before google? i mean, who ever said “let me metacrawler that” or “just altavista it” ?

it is a cross between broccoli and kai-lan, chinese broccoli. apparently it  first brought it to the american market in 1996, but i swear it must have not been popular because i’ve been grocery shopping for myself for 7 years + now, and no way i’ve seen this before. was i blind? nutritionally, i would like to add that broccolini is high in vitamin C but also contains vitamin Acalciumfolate, and iron.

anyways, so for dinner tonight, i made lemon pepper chicken, blanched broccolini and cajun potato wedges.

it was all really simple to make:


  • broccolini
  • chicken breast (i prefer boneless and skinless)
  • small yellow or red skinned potatoes
  • cajun powder
  • sea salt
  • seasoning salt
  • lemon juice
  • pepper
how to cook it
  1. preheat the oven to 380 degrees
  2. start off by cutting the potatoes into 4 small wedges (one slice diagonally and one slice horizontally should be perfect)
  3. in a saucepan, fill with enough water and put in potato wedges
  4. once boiling, turn down the heat (too much heat will cause the skin to come off the potatoes and get mushy)
  5. once the potatoes are soft enough for you to put a fork through, heat up a frying pan
  6. drain the potatoes and place in the frying pan on medium heat
  7. put in seasoning salt & cajun powder (to taste)
  8. they are done when the skin is nice and crispy!


  1. in a pyrex dish, place chicken
  2. sprinkle on pepper and squeeze lemon on top or use lemon juice (if possible, marinate the chicken in lemon juice for a couple hours before starting this)
  3. once the oven has finished pre-heating, put the chicken in the oven


  1. boil hot water in another saucepan
  2. once boiling, place the broccolini in the boiling water for about 1 minute (this keeps the broccolini nice and crunchy – it will turn bright green pretty quick)
  3. season with a bit of sea salt
once its all ready, place on the plate and serve! 🙂
ta-da! dinner for one.
prepapation time: about 10 minutes
cooking time: about 30 minutes (until the chicken is cooked)


In deliciousness on October 29, 2011 at 18:37

barbeque chips. yup. the thing you get to snack on at biercraft while you enjoy a nice bevie & wait your delicious food.

thursday we spend the day helping my husbands cousin and her husband move their stuff from their apartment to a storage unit. they leave tomorrow and are off to travel the world until the end of may and i am so incredibly jealous. they so graciously thanked us with delicious treats from biercraft, a place we fell in love with not that long ago. prices here are pretty decent. whether you come here for lunge or dinner. they can get pretty busy in the summer because they have two patios and have a ridiculously wide selection of beer.

i was trying so hard to get something new, but i fell in love with their poutine a while back, so of course i ordered it again. definitely something worth sharing with someone or eating on your own for a meal.

poutine // house frites, quebec cheese curds, blanche de chambly & miso gravy, green onion – $9.50

the husband also loves their poutine and said he was going to get his own – but then when it came time to ordering, in from left field was a different order he asked for…. corn dogs? i had a wtf moment. who gets corn dogs? all upset cause i can’t have any (glutard issue) i sigh, wishing he had gotten the fish tacos (another amazing item on the menu). it wasn’t until after we were got home that we realized the outside is made of CORN , a glutard friendly ingredient (oops).

chorizo corn dogs // dekoninck ale chorizo sausage, sundried tomato ketchup, maple mustard – $10